Top 5 Poker Chip Sets For Serious Players: Reviews And Comparisons

Selecting the right poker chip set is an important stage for those players who pay much attention to poker chips value, durability, and looks of the chips. It, in turn, applies to casual gaming at home or to professional tournaments; a set chosen well will only improve your game. 

This informative article thus provides an analysis of the five best poker chip sets in the market, their rating, features, and comparison of their value to professional poker players. 

Brybelly Ultimate 14-Gram Heavyweight Poker Chips

A feature that makes the Brybelly Ultimate poker chip set outstanding is that these have 14-gram heavyweight chips. It feels wonderful to handle, and the chips also create a nice sound when they clash. Every piece of the chip is made of composite resin, which makes it highly long-lasting and has an edge spot area, which helps identify the denomination of the chip. These sets are great value, come with 500 chips, and are suitable for many different scenarios.

Claysmith Gaming “The Mint” Poker Chip Set

The “The Mint” poker chip set is well renowned for its casino standards; nevertheless, Claysmith Gaming’s creation unites clay composite materials and traditional style. These chips have a raised and embedded design on the chip and have colors that complement the design and make the chips more attractive and long-lasting. This set is suitable for serious players who value real money and the best poker chips value of the bill.

Fat Cat 11.5-Gram Texas Hold ’em Clay Poker Chip Set

Made from clay-composite material, The Fat Cat Texas Hold ’em chipset is an economical yet durable chipset that comes with the basics of 11. Clay-composite chips that are in units of five grams to give the real feel of actual casino chips. The chips in this set are 500 in a tough aluminum case accompanied by two decks of cards and other extras. Especially useful for home games and tournaments, it is great because of the variety of chip denominations.

Da Vinci Professional Casino Del Sol Poker Chips Set

If you are a player who wants to go all out and want a set of poker chips that is close to what professional players use, then the Da Vinci Casino Del Sol poker chip set is just for you. Clay composite resin chips in denomination of 5-gram. These chips are designed to resemble casino ones and have bright colors with shiny surfaces. The set consists of a dealer button and five dice; everything is kept and transported in an aluminum case.

Cardinal Industries 200-Piece Poker Set in Aluminum Case

A light and tough model, the Cardinal Industries poker set is suitable for players who like to arrange small tournaments or those who frequently travel. It possesses 200 composite resin pieces consisting of dual-toned poker chips that feel balanced and have a nice weight. The set also comes with two decks of cards, the dealer button and the big blind button, and a lightweight aluminum carrying case.


Purchasing a poker chip set is a significant decision for those players who are not willing to use low-quality chips, chips that will break in a few months, and ugly chips. They are for those players who know the poker chips value. From these highly recommended chips, you have the heavyweight chips if you like chips that have a somewhat thicker feel to them or the casino-quality chips if you’re looking for real authenticity. 


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